Our innovative British designed and manufactured system uses state-of-the art technology to monitor your turn indicators and provide an audible tone after a user selectable number of indicator flashes. The initial ‘soft’ tone progressively increases in volume until the rider is alerted and cancels the indicator – simple!

But there’s more – the system cleverly links into the vehicle brake light circuit so that operation of either brake immediately resets the Audicator timer and silences the system should your turning manoeuvre be interrupted.


The Audicator doesn’t start sounding as soon as the indicators are activated,
but has a number of silent flashes before the sound starts.

Take our core product – the Audicator audible turn indicator warning system. Derived from a real need, highlighted by motorcyclists, and recognised by authorities as a major reason for driving test failure and a cause of serious danger to road users.

The understanding of the risk may not be new, but the method of execution and innovation in this design is something very special – and we are rightly proud of it!

With our mix of engineering knowledge and resources, we are perfectly placed to research and understand the market requirement, build a detailed technical product specification, then see this through from the early concepts right up to production.

As such we openly welcome any new design concept challenges you may wish to put forward and the opportunity to work with others to facilitate the realisation of their ideas.














Your Audicator is supplied pre-programmed but can be easily customised to suit your own preferences.

Delay time from indicator start to sound start, volume ramp up rate, sound selection and even an option to have an alternative sound when the hazard lights are activated are just some of the software options available.

All without removing the unit from the vehicle!


Road users tend to routinely leave their indicators on unintentionally after performing a turn manoeuvre, exposing themselves to potentially dangerous misinterpretation of their intentions by other road users.


A) Check that the wire you have connected to is only live WHEN THE BRAKE IS ACTIVATED. If it is constantly live the unit cannot operate.
A) Whenever the red wire energised the unit will immediately reset and remains in this state whilst live. You can therefore connect to alternative devices such as the neutral indicator or clutch lever switch dependent on the vehicle and your own preference.
A) These wires are not left-hand/right-hand specific.
A) The type of bulbs installed does not affect operation of the Audicator.
A) You can use whatever connectors are most suitable for your particular installation. However, do remember that the Audicator is programmed by connecting a constant 12 volt feed to either the Blue or Yellow wire and pulsing the vehicle brake switch. The programming lead interfaces with the connectors supplied and therefore if you do not use these you will have to modify the lead to suit.
A) Yes – this thread is M4 but do remember that the maximum thread penetration is 7mm, or you may damage the unit.
A) Yes – and this will be useful if you intend to vary your set-up regularly – but do remember to wait 5 seconds when switching from programming mode to run mode in order for the software changes to register.
A) The Audicator will not affect any other accessories that you may have on your vehicle.
A) The Audicator takes all its power from the indicator flashes and the total consumption is negligible (.5watts). There is no power consumption when the vehicle indicators are off.
A) If your unit is faulty we will immediately replace it. However, before you return it please carry out this simple test. Fix the negative (Green) wire to a 12v battery and ensure the red and blue wires are not contacting each other. Touch the yellow wire on the positive battery terminal and you should hear a beep. Pulse the wire on the terminal at approximately 1 second intervals and after 15 contacts the Audicator should start to sound on each pulse. If it does this, your Audicator is functioning correctly and the problem is in your installation.
A) Try disconnecting the red wire. If it works now the problem is that you have a constant feed to the red (brake) wire so the unit is permanently reset.
A) Some BMW’s have a control system for the brakes and indicators lamps that operate at less than 12 volts. If you connect the Audicator to the feed wires leading directly to the bulbs, you will not have a problem.
A) This function works automatically by activating the Hazard Warning indicators on the vehicle (if fitted). The Audicator emits an audible tone at full volume for a preset number of flashes before becoming silent. The sound type and number of audible flashes are programmable by the user.


I fitted the ‘Audicator to my Morgan +8 the combination of wind noise and a not always efficient cancel mechanism, found it invaluable.
David from England
I fitted the Audicator to my Morgan Plus 4 and I’m over the moon with it. Difficult to see the dash lights when the hood is down but the Audicator eliminates the problem. Good instructions, easy to fit and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Would recommend to anyone.
Pete from England
I purchased this product for use in an open top sports car. Not hearing your indicators as you are motoring along is a problem and potentially dangerous for the cars behind you. Easy to fit and easily heard. There is No chance I will leave my indicators on again. Thank You.
Jayne from England
We’ve using the Audicator not for bikes but for our vintage cars and the Super Seven, we’re specialised in. The Audicator-team is always very helpful with any kind of support and offer the best solution to any problem. Business with them is a real pleasure!
Ralf from Germany
I’ve mounted this clever and thought-through device in my Caterham. Now I really hear when my indicator is left on. The configuration is fairly easy and flexible enough to adapt to my needs. Thanks for helping me solve this!
Daniel from Switzerland
I have been on 2 wheels all my life and know only to well no matter how good a rider we have all left our indicators on at some point. To a motorcyclist this could be fatal! The Audicator gives you the ability to programme easily the parameters to your requirement but I found the default settings fine. The device is easy to fit and well made Thanks for a great product
Tony from England


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